24 de agosto de 2014


★Stargate/buracos de minhoca e  espirais aparecendo no céu  sobre  Oaxaca, México★

Eu amo este vídeo capta tanto, eu desligo o som, e basta olhar para o céu incrível.

Lembram-se deste aqui, sobre a Noruega.

Este parece muito incomum - padrões no céu!

The Open Door Fleece Blanket -- by Robert Bartow

Este é um dos meus favoritos!

lucifelle: ♥ December 21, 2012 ~ a Halfway Point in 36 Years Dec 21, 2012 marks the halfway point in a 36 year cycle wherein Gaia has entered the milky way galactic equator, or center. We have 18 years to go, to build this “New World”, and for decades beyond that… This date marks a point with the highest potential in consciousness that humanity has ever seen in over 26,000 years. We are in it already, almost halfway, and this energy will continue for another 18 years. This is a time of Earth changes. This is a time of profound consciousness shift. Our perceptions will go beyond our 5 senses. We will be able to better detect wisdom, also feelings of compassion and love. When we are not aware of our path, our path becomes fearful. Now it is imperative that we seek within for answers, and ask for help, and it shall be given. Authentic power needs to be created, and it must be created. Development of you, by you, to better distinguish the difference between love and fear… Find the qualities that are not serving you, and find the ones that do. Every moment and every second is a choice. The power lies within you. You can change the planet and your life. Realize how beautiful, and powerful you are. ♥ Angel Asor The galactic alignment will happen within hours. Are you ready?

Taffmeister - The Needle’s Eye

 Com B4IN

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